Arjun-Suravaram-NikhilKnown as one of the energetic young heroes of Tollywood who gained some fan base with step by step with great struggle.

But unfortunately, the hero has been falling apart with back to back failures and even to get his film out on screen. It is his most waited, Arjun Suravaram which fortunately got the green signal for the release but the hero is nowhere to be seen.

The film’s release was delayed for a long time with the makers going back and forth in releasing the film due to financial issues. Eventually, everybody gave up including Nikhil and the fans were fed up with release dates changing numerous times with no confirmation.

Now even though they got the clearance and confirmation on getting Arjun Suravaram out, nobody, even Nikhil seems to be not much interested to go on and promote the film for there is no sign of the actor or no buzz on his films lately. Well, he has to do something about it soon as this fame how much ever hasn’t come to him easily. Let’s see what happens.