Finally, a Good and Winner Indian Web-SeriesOTT is the way forward and this aspect was learned much in advance by the Hindi film industry. Time and again, they have been producing multiple web series’ in the last two years and popular streaming giants have also invested big money in them.

While there are a plethora of releases that came out, only a few click, and the rest are not rich in content. But Rocket Boys is one show that has caught the imagination of many. Right from the day, it was announced, to the day the trailer came out, things were quite upbeat about this show.

The patriotic web series is out now and has won good critical acclaim from the critics and audience alike. The show is based on the journey of scientists Dr. Homi J Bhaba and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. The series’ basic plot is how these incredible minds came together, became friends, and helped Independent India in its nuclear and space mission.

Jim Sarabh and Ishwak Singh play the main lead roles of Dr. Homi J Bhaba and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai respectively and they breathe life into the characters. The show is filled with thrilling as well as emotional moments and dwells into the history that many of us do not know.

Created by Nikhil Advani, this show has top-class production values as the period setup, BGM, and costumes give a realistic feeling. When many shows are quite poor in content, Rocket Boys has made heads turn and is streaming on Sony Liv.