Tollywood response on Pawan Kalyan Jaya sena party

Pawan Kalyan delivered his political speech last night and officially announced his decision to jump into the political arena. This decision earned him a lot of support. Apart from fans and public celebs from industry gathered to watch Kalyan launching his very own political party named Jan Sena Party. Most of all, the speech that Pawan gave on this occasion resonated with all the audience. The major areas that this speech touched are about his supportive party in the upcoming elections and were rife with witty dialogues and angsty moments. But most importantly, his speech was loved by all and several celebrities congratulated the actor for his honesty and frankness.

Sekhar Kammula: గత కొన్నినెలలుగా మనల్ని ఆవరించిన స్తబ్ధతకి గొంతుకనిచ్చావు,మనం ఇంకా బ్రతికే ఉన్నామనే ఫీలింగ్ వచ్చింది,ధ్యాంక్యూ.

Manchu Manoj: More than political speech it sounded like peoples speech …. People’s voice 🙂 rock it brother 🙂 This is just the start:) God Bless 🙂

Kona Venkat: పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ నిన్న తన మనసుని ఆవిష్కరించాడు. నిజాయతీగా మాట్లాడి కోట్లాదిమంది మనసులని గెలుచుకున్నాడు.. I’m proud to say that he’s my friend.

Nithin: I dont know much bout politics bt i support POWERSTAR..hope n wishh JANASENA emerges out victorious!! JAI HIND!!

Varun Tej Konidela: Such a straight forward speech by babai!..the speech was remarkably candid!

RGV: All the leaders of all political parties should at least take a couple of weeks off to just understa the Pawans Kalyan’s speech.

Nani: What a speech … I hope what follows is as effective as the start .. Jai hind

Lakshmi Manchu: Pawan Kalyan’s speech was heart felt. Wish him all the best.

Smitha: Pawan Kalyan’s speech is resonating in my head. can’t sleep. Every pain I’ve been through last few mths, he let out. Truly admire him #respect.

Nikhil: Every single feeling in me was brought out today by Pawan Kalyan… Historic Speech by him… I believe in him and support idea of Jana Sena.

Varun Sandesh: Congress hatao desh bachao… Jai Hind!! Dis is how Pawan Kalyan ends his speech!! 1 of d most dynamic speeches Ive ever seen!! Awestruck!!

Chaitanya Dantuluri(Bananm director): Pawan Kalyan reminded all of us Telugu people to feel responsible for each other.

Madhura Sreedhar: Power Star has got better understanding n thought process than any AP politician on all the issues that India is facing in last 60 years.

Pranitha Subhash (AD Heroine): An inspiring, honest and heartfelt speech! A true Power Star! Wishing Pawan sir all the very best 🙂

Gopichand Malineni: Superb speech never and ever ..real hero !! …respect u a lot sir !!Common man kadupu mantaniii meee matalloo bayata petaru…u r real common man !!

Harish Shankar: Energy… Emotion most of all Genuine ….. Andhuke annanu “ఆయన స్థాయి వేరు. ఆయన స్థానం వేరు “