BrahmanandamIt is high time that Brahmanandam did a proper film that had his mark like the good old days. Brahmi was a saving factor upcoming heroes back then who was a life saver for quite a few films. In fact, there was a time where there was no movie without him and now there is almost no trace of him in the Telugu cinema these days.

On top of that, the couple of films that he showed up recently had the character only to be beaten to death written for him and both of them Achari America Yatra, Nela Ticket, bombed badly at the theaters. This could be because of the young Jabardasth comedy gang replaced him big time and writers too, are struggling to present him fresh on screen.

To speak of films in the legendary comedian’s hand now, there seem no Telugu films but the coming Kannada film “I Love You” with Upendra that would also be released in Telugu. Is the Telugu cinema giving Brahmi hard time or the audience is expecting something new from their favorite comedian? Should be the second one.