Fight between Mega fans over Atharintiki Daredi

Generally when one film over takes the collections of another, fans of those two films start a war of sorts to prove collections of one film are higher than that of other. If that is how the fan wars are for a normal hit, imagine how it would be for an Industry Hit. But one would imagine that such things wouldn’t happen when one film crossing other both belong to same set of fans, right? However Mega fans seem to be a rarity in this case.

As we have reported earlier Atharintiki Daredi is soon going to cross the total worldwide collections of the film Magadheera and emerge as the new number 1 from Telugu cinema. But many among Mega fans seems to be not pleased with this development as one can see a online war brewing between them. While a number of them are happy with it another section among them don’t seem to accept that view and of the view that Magadheera is unsurpassable. It has polarized the fan world among Mega fans and reactions between them are seen to be believed.

Whatever may be their final conclusion the trade is expecting Atharintiki Daredi to cross Magadheera collections by the end of next week. So we ask the question again, what do you guys think about such magnitude of success of Atharintiki Daredi? If it manages to be a Industry Hit, do you think it’s a deserving one or not?