chinmayi-sripada-harassed on twitterSinger cum dubbing artist Chinmayi Sripada was harassed on Twitter when she posted a tweet that she liked the teaser of Vijay’s ‘Kaththi’. She was caught between the fan wars of Vijay and Ajith’s fans. The nasty fights got over the board and what Chinmayi was left with was to just block such trolls.

Chinmayi explains that everyone has a bit of sadism in us. But for some who have this dual personality, they look normal in usual life but on social media they show their different avatar. Social media gives a power of anonymity and trolls misuse this aspect and harass people because nobody would find out.

But Chinmayi is undeterred and she thinks that one has to be updated and social media has become very important. The percentage of such trolls is very small and hence we have to create a peaceful environment on social media or otherwise block people who create nonsense.