Female fan shocks Sooraj Pancholi in his Apartment!Bollywood young actor Sooraj Pancholi, who made his name with debutante film ‘Hero’, has been only going upwards on that fame scale. But for his own good, the actor should hit the pause button. Apparently, a female member of his fan base turned up at his home, uninvited.

The actor who lives in an apartment in Juhu, Mumbai, was waiting for a stylist to come so that they could go over some costumes when the young girl came in with two bags in hand. Having high-end clothes in the bags, Sooraj’s immediate assumption was that she was the stylist. However, he was surprised when she asked for a picture with him, revealing she was a huge fan of him.

The actor had noticed his guards about a stylist with some bags of clothes so they let her in. While he was pretty shaken by the incident, the generous actor posed for photographs with her after he let her out of the apartment.