February very important month for Nani

Actor Nani didn’t have a single release in 2013, but what’s ironical is that the second month of 2014 is going to be a very important month for the actor as three of his films are lining up for release in the same month. His three films Paisa, Jenda Pai Kapiraju and Aaha Kalyanam are most likely to release in February.

While Paisa and Jenda Pai Kapiraju have been confirmed from Feb 7 and 14 respectively, the makers of Aaha Kalyanam said they are planning to release it in Feb too. I wonder is it a good thing for Nani to have all his three films in the same month because if that happens then none of his films will have a successful run at the box-office. Most importantly, how will he manage with the promotions of the films as he needs to promote all the three films equally and can’t differentiate.

It will be interesting to see what would Nani do in this regard. Also, will the audience be ready to watch the films of the same actor week after week. I highly doubt it.