feared-problems-from-prakash-rajNormally Suresh Babu tries not to touch controversial subjects and tries to stay away from things that might become an issue. This time, at the pre-release event of his production venture ‘Venky Mama‘, he talked about Prakash Raj and his controversies.

Just a couple of days before going for the shooting, director Bobby went to Suresh Babu to rope in Prakash Raj for a crucial role in the movie. Suresh Babu said, “I feared problems from him.”

But, he thanked Prakash Raj for being very punctual and doing a fantastic job showing why one needs an actor like Prakash Raj for a role like that. Suresh Babu specifically thanked Prakash Raj for being on time every day of the shoot and also for being in this film.

It’s a known thing that over the years, Prakash Raj became notoriously famous for being not very punctual and also throwing tantrums at his co-stars and technicians. This is a welcome surprise to get to hear about Prakash Raj from Suresh Babu.