Director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, of Lahore fame is apparently working to make a film based on Sanjay Gandhi. According to sources, the director wanted to cast Nagarjuna in the role of Fakruddin Ali Ahmed (the President from 1974 to 1977) in the upcoming Hindi-English film. But the actor refused on the grounds of controversial associations of the film despite its huge budget.

The director on the other hand spun the story quite differently. He remarked that, “It’s true that I approached Nagarjuna and narrated the story to him. But it’s for a different international film, not to play any big role in Sanjay Gandhi project. I am great fan of Nag and Mahesh Babu and also adore T-town stars. I would love to dish out potboilers.”

When asked further about the film and casting, Chauhan added, “It’s also too early to talk about the film’s plot and the team of writers and I am currently working to explain the controversies surrounding Sanjay Gandhi’s life.”