facebook-addictionThese are the days everyone and their dogs were on Facebook. The Social Networking giant which boasts of highest number of users is becoming an addiction of sort. A new survey by Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project reveals that 61% of the users who have voluntarily deactivated their Facebook accounts to check the addition only return very shortly.

It is also observed that many users inform their friends about exiting the Facebook so that the humilation of coming back will prevent them from becoming active again. But this trick also failed in most number of cases. Experts say many users do not take it seriously when their friends announce quitting Facebook.

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According to the survey, these are the reasons for users quitting Facebook

– 48.3% – Privacy concerns
– 6% – Fear of internet addiction
– 12.6% – Shallow conversations
– 13% – Unwanted social pressure or friends deemed as superficial on FB

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