Supreme_court_Pop_corn_case_India_drinksThe exorbitant prices of popcorn and beverages in cinema halls have been burning a hole in the pockets of patrons for last many years. Many complain that they have to spend more on eatables than on the movie ticket.

Now Supreme Court heard a petition that called for a ban on food from outside at the cinemas. According to Supreme Court’s latest order, multiplexes are fully entitled to set terms and conditions for the sale of food and beverages inside the premises and have the right to not allow outside food items at the premises.

The SC added that the movie-goer has a choice not to consume the same. However, the court reiterated that the theaters shouldn’t object to food carried by parents for infants.

CJI remarked, “Cinema hall is private property of the owner and is entitled to set terms and conditions so long as such terms and conditions are not contrary to public interest, safety and welfare. He is entitled to set terms for sale of food and beverages. Movie goers have the choice to not purchase the same.”

He further added, “The drinking water should be made available at free of cost for all, and food items for infants must be allowed but not every food can be allowed inside the premises.”

This order has come as a relief for multiplex chain owners. But the movie-goers aren’t too happy with this judgment. They feel that it is okay to not allow food from outside, but the court should have ordered the multiplex owners to price the popcorn and beverages to a reasonable level.

It is also logical that if the rates of eatables are kept under control, then the cinema halls might see a drastic hike in footfalls which would be a win-win situation for the theater owners as well as the audience.