Vijayendra-Prasad-RajamouliRajamouli is one of the biggest names in Indian cinema now. In fact, he is a global figure now, thanks to the monstrous success of RRR in the west. Well, he has another exciting prospect in hand now.

Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad is taking a pro-BJP stance and he often comments in accordance with BJP’s pro-Hindu interests. He was even recently given Rajyasabha MP berth by BJP and that shows that the party high command is impressed with him.

It is also heard that Vijayendra Prasad is lining up films which cater to the interests of the BJP which could bring him further closer to the saffron party.

Of late, the Center has been playing a decisive role in box office returns of films as the Hindutva and nationalism mood has been playing an overwhelming role in the same.

The stellar run of The Kashmir Files proves the same. Now that Vijayendra Prasad is moving closely with the saffron party, it could open up new avenues to himself and also to Rajamouli.

The strong North theatrical market could be a further boost to Rajamouli who is already a box office monster.