Father & Son Fails to Read Fans' MindChiranjeevi’s Acharya has been in the making for a long time now. The trailer received a mixed response from the audience and so many questions were raised about Koratala Siva’s work.

Mega fans, who were already disappointed pinned their hopes on the father-son song Bhale Bhale Banjara but the number has also been released to a disappointing response today.

Fans were of the opinion when Chiru and Charan come together, especially being good dancers, an out and out energetic number will be delivered, but all they were severed was a plain old style lyrical song that had no punch in it.

In all this, the blame is going on Chiranjeevi for entrusting Mani Sharma who was out of form to compose music for this film. In a way, Chiru and Charan failed to read the mind of mega fans.

It is a very rare opportunity for any technician to work with two great dancers but the dances by Sekhar Master and tunes by Mani Sharma have disappointed everyone and have taken the already low buzz of the film even down deeper.