Father behind  Varun Sandesh flop storyWho is to be blamed for Varun Sandesh’s choice of films which didn’t give him a proper hit since long? Why importance is given to only the banners’ name and to the content of the film, which is the actual king? Who is behind all this? Industry people say, Varun’s father is to be blamed.

Varun Sandesh started his career with real bang with ‘happy Days’ blockbuster and continued the same tempo with ‘Kotha bangaru Lokam’. But later on, his choice of films didn’t seem to be sensible enough as none of them could continue the initial hit saga of the young hero.

Varun says that it’s his choice finally to choose a story or not, though his father is also involved in listening to the story. many stories they agreed because they seemed to be blockbuster content when narrated, but the outcome was poor after production.

Varun doesn’t like blaming his father as he isn’t the director or producer who did those flop movies. They both chose from the stories that came their way. ‘My dad is my biggest inspiration’ says the young hero.