Father and daughter’s different views on Pawan Kalyan

Yesterday K Chandrasekhar Reddy, Chief of the Party, Telangana Rasthra Samithi had harsh words to say on the entering of Pawan Kalyan into politics with his own party. He commented both on Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan and actor’s in general entering into politics and said that it will be off no use. Today her daughter K Kavitha, Chief of Telangana Jagruthi said that she welcomes everyone who has good intentions towards the welfare of society and for people are welcome to politics indirectly hinting at Pawan Kalyan.

While these are the voices of father and daughter, there are numerous other voices being heard now that Pawan Kalyan has officially confirmed his entrance into politics. Today actor Shivaji who has been pretty vocal about his political views so far had very positive things to say about the entrance of Pawan Kalyan as well where as Digvijay Singh, General Secretary of Congress said that he welcomed ‘Chiranjeevi’s brother’ into Congress. With each passing day so many diverse views are being heard, we wonder how things would be once the actor officially makes the plunge.