Fat and Unrealistic Rumor on PrabhasEver since Prabhas did Baahubali, his fame has been growing day by and reached the highest point worldwide. And as we all know, where there is the fame, there comes the rumor. The actor has been in news every now and then where some are true and some are not.

He is in news again where people are putting a lot of hype on the Baahubali lead. The reports say that he is charging about 30 crores for Sahoo which is being made in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages. It is being rumored that, as Prabahs took 20-25 crore for Baahubali conclusion and hence is charging this fat remuneration of 30 crores for Sahoo.

Really, doesn’t 30 crore number sound a little unrealistic? He might take a good pay for Sahoo after Baahubali for his value in the industry, but this huge remuneration not so believable.