Ram Gopal Varma is different not only as a film maker but also as an individual. When the whole world is celebrating Frienship Day, he opines he rather would like to have a Happy Enemies Day instead. That might seem weird. But the way he justified having enemies is better than having friends makes one to agree with him. After reading his tweets, we are sure to get a doubt who is RGV hinting at? Anyway, let’s see what RGV tweeted on friendship…

“The problem with helping a friend in need is that he will keep coming back for help again and again.”
“I am more scared of a friend than an enemy because u will never know when a friend can turn into an enemy. Friends are those who will stab u from the back when u are busy looking at the enemy in front”
“Enemies keep u alert while friends make u complacent.”
“A friend is many many times actually a pain in the back…Anyway Happy Friendship Day to all those keekos, who need friends…I Dont.”
“I really wish that there was a Happy Enemies day too cos I think most people will have more enemies than friends.”
“Enemies are the one who motivate u to raise above nd friends are the ones who keep pulling u down with false advise.”
“Enemies hate nd friends are jealous …jealousy is mre dangerous becos u can try to defend against hatred but jealousy wil attack frm behind”