sukumar-hollywoodFor some intelligent and talented film makers, failures and successes don’t define them. Even a failure has got something in store to speak about their versatality and genius. And director Sukumar is definitely one amongst such creative genuises. His very recent ‘1-Nenokkadine’ with Mahesh Babu didn’t do well at the box-office.

Actually a flop in a director’s diary will probaby become a weapon for his critics to belittle him. But it happened the other way in the case of Sukumar. Inspite of the film’s flop talk, it received a lot of critical acclaim for the intelligent script and the Sukumar’s genuis in film making. Of late it is heard that the talk on his genius reached Hollywood even.

At an award ceremony when Allu Arvind bestowed Sukumar with KV Reddy’s award, the mega producer revealed that a Hollywood Production company asked Sukumar to write a script for one of its projects. At present Sukumar is working on the script and to reveal further isn’t fair as everything regarding the Hollywood project is still in the initial stages. A Tollywood film maker being approached to write a script for a Hollywood movie is in itself an achievement. What say guys?