PrabhasIt needs to be said that pan-India superstar Prabhas has been inviting criticism for his not-so-good-looking physical appearance of late. The macho star was nowhere near his charming best in Saaho.

A Bollywood media portal recently published an article saying netizens are calling Prabhas names over his chubby looks and that sums it up. However, the latest speculations are suggesting that Prabhas is putting in a conscious effort to get back in top shape.

Going by these rumors, Prabhas will soon be flying to UK to consult renowned doctors and dieticians in a bid to devise a fitness regime to get back in the right shape and maintain his looks.

Well, Prabhas’s fans would certainly be happy if this particular speculation is indeed true. It would mean that Prabhas is putting in his best efforts to maintain his looks.

There’s nothing wrong in Prabhas taking professional help as this is something most of the actors do to maintain their tip-top physique and charming looks. But will this speculation actually turn to reality? We have to wait and see.