Raveena Tandon - Mahesh BabuTrivikram is doing a film with Mahesh Babu and we are all aware of it. Generally, Trivikram is known to use noted stars for small roles in his films. When it comes to mature characters, he has used the likes of Nadia, Tabu, Sneha, and a few others in his films.

On the other hand, Raveena Tandon, who is known for her glam roles all her life has impressed everyone with her matured role in KGF 2. She has been widely appreciated for her role as a PM in the film.

Now, a few fans are of the opinion that if Trivikram happens to watch KGF 2, he will surely rope in Raveena Tandon for some role or the other in his film with Mahesh Babu.

They feel that this will bring a new touch to Mahesh Babu’s film and as Raveena is in form, Mahesh’s project will also become a hot topic before it goes on the floors.