Fan's Unfair Advise to Vijay DevarakondaVijay Devarakonda is a big star and there is no denying the fact. He is trying hard for Pan-India popularity and has a solid fan following among the youth and ladies as well. His brother, Anand Devarakonda is also working hard to prove himself as an actor and is taking one step at a time.

A few days back, Vijay put up a video that shows his brother, Anand, and his pet Storm taking a private flight. Vijay happily posted that video which went viral and showed how much love Vijay had for his pet.

Now, as usual, varied reactions are coming in from social media. One ardent fan of Vijay posted “Dear @TheDeverakonda is a great guy, help your brother and promote his films but please don’t put him with you in every pic and video all the time. Not good for your career/image-wise or for fans (some like me at least).

Looks like he is not happy to see Anand in every post of Vijay. He says promote him but don’t include him all over.

Lately, we are seeing the same advise from several fans. Vijay Deverakonda did aggressive promotions for his brother’s Pushpaka Vimanam but the movie has become a disaster. Vijay posted several videos along with his brother during that time.

The fans of Vijay Deverakonda are still not able to accept his brother as a promising talent or a hero material.

But, this is in a way an unfair request as to how can Vijay ignore his own brother. He is family and if Vijay reads this message, he will surely get upset and will not encourage such fans.

Vijay has been doing his bit for his brother and anyone would do it for their family. Anand is also taking one step at a time and is doing films that suit his personality and image.

One should understand that Vijay helps his brother only when his films come out. So, taking a personal video into account and commenting on that is surely unfair advice one can say and even Vijay will agree to it. Vijay Devarakonda will next be seen in Liger and that is one big film as it is his Hindi debut.