Fans to Rajamouli: Inkaa Laagoddu Sir TeguddiMaster craftsman, SS Rajamouli is currently awaiting the theatrical release of RRR which is up for release on the 25th of this month. Incidentally, in his latest promotional interview pertaining to RRR, Rajamouli spoke about Baahubali 3.

“There are multiple things happening around Baahubali. We are exploring multiple avenues. It will take some time, but a few exciting updates on Baahubali will be out in the due course,” Rajamouli said.

While it is common for one to expect fans to get excited about Rajamouli’s comments on Baahubali, that is not exactly what is happening. Rajamouli’s statement is drawing a strange response from the Telugu Twitter crowd.

“Baahubali duology is a great 2-part franchise and it is time to move on. Trying to extend the Baahubali world is not wise. Baahubali 3 might seem like an attempt to milk on the popularity and make money off it. Inka laagoddu sir teguddi (don’t stretch it beyond the threshold point, sir, it will break),” a netizen commented.

Prabhas is not carrying the right physique to do Baahubali 3. Getting him in the right shape again is not an easy thing. It will take a lot of digital enhancing to get his looks right and that is a costly affair. Also, setting all the pieces for the third part of the franchise is logistically tough,” another observer said.

Well, Rajamouli didn’t exactly say he would be working on Baahubali 3. He just spoke about an exciting announcement pertaining to the Baahubali world. His comments weren’t directly pointing at the third part. So, it is too early to draw any conclusions now.