Fans To Rajamouli: Range Maintain CheyyandiSS Rajamouli is the big thing in Indian cinema now. He followed up the epic Baahubali duology with another box office winner RRR, which later went to attain global fame.

RRR was a raging hit in the west following its Netflix debut. The film received wild appreciation from the USA folks and other western countries as well.

Coming to the point, Rajamouli’s fans are now not too pleased with his social media activity. They have a valid advise for him.

Rajamouli recently shared the teaser of a small time Telugu film. Also, his Twitter timeline is loaded with PR posts and obligatory updates. This isn’t sitting well with his followers.

“You’re India’s biggest director now sir. Even the western folk will be closely following your social media presence. Your posts should reflect your stature and not be loaded with PR and obligatory posts.” Fans comment.

Fans do have a very valid point to make. Maybe it’s time Rajamouli cuts down on the PR posts.