Fans To Nag: Inka Chaalu AapeyandiThe trick for senior heroes to stay in the game is by doing consecutive mass films that cater to masses and if they wish, do an experimental films here and there. But for some reason, Nagarjuna is doing multiple experimental films that are going nowhere at the box office.

Nag’s latest outing, The Ghost had an impressive trailer. However the film couldn’t get off to a good start, nor could it do any better later on. It could well be a washout at the box office.

Incidentally, Nag’s Bangarraju, which didn’t get a super positive word of mouth either, could perform much much better at the box office when compared to Ghost. This shows that the larger section of audience want to see Nag in commercial potboilers.

Another aspect here is the lack of capable Tollywood directors who can present senior heroes in an impressive manner. All the star directors are focused on projects with young stars and there aren’t many who would readily do winning films with seniors.

Now, even Nag’s fans are not too pleased with his experimental films. They are requesting him to be done with it. “Start doing commercial films even if it is with new directors. These experimental films with these incapable directors are sheer mess.” An anguished fan of Nag commented on Twitter.