Fans Requesting Vijay Deverakonda to Avoid It

Fans Requesting Vijay Deverakonda to Avoid It

Vijay Deverakonda’s fans on social media are quite concerned about the hero and his selection of movies. They seemed to be very irritated with Vijay for the way he keeps saying that he is going to give a new experience with his movies.

Social media fans are kind of analysing about what went wrong with his recent releases. Giving messages is one thing and delivering a message with a proper dose of entertainment is another thing. So, choosing a movie just for giving a new experience isn’t good, according to his fans.

They want him to think about the selection of his stories taking the example of Bollywood stars like Akshay Kumar and Ayushman Khuranna who know how to mix up both message and entertainment without sacrificing the meaning.

Before accepting a movie, they want him to think if the movie would be entertaining enough not just being exciting on the paper. Projects like ‘Dear Comrade’, NOTA and ‘World Famous Lover’ seemed to be carrying a deeper message but failed as the makers couldn’t deal with the messages efficiently in an entertaining manner.

No doubt, Vijay Deverakonda is a bundle of talent. But, he needs to be very careful while choosing his scripts. We agree with his social media fans and their request is justified. What do you say?

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