Fans Requesting KGF 2 Team to Control HimThe second installment from the KGF franchise – KGF 2 is due for theatrical release on the 14th of April. The makers, for some odd reason, are yet to commence the whirlwind promotional campaign. Now, senior actor Prakash Raj, who plays an important role in KGF appears to be striking the wrong chords.

Prakash Raj has been calling out The Kashmir Files, which is turning out to be a raging hit in the North Indian belt. This docudrama has evoked a sense of patriotism and it is setting the box office on fire in the Hindi belt. But Prakash Raj has been criticizing the film, saying it distorts facts. He has taken anti-BJP stance and is asking if the ruling party forces will distort more historical blunders committed by BJP and make fabricated films on the same.

Now, Prakash Raj’s personal opinions are leaving KGF 2 fans worried. “KGF 2 team should control Prakash Raj at least till the film’s release -1 April. He is hurting the sentiments of the Hindi audience. His hate comments on patriotic drama, Kashmir Files might build negativity on KGF 2 as he is playing a key role in the film. Irking the Hindi audience is the last thing KGF 2 wants right now,” an ardent fan of KGF 2 said.

Well, Prakash Raj’s provocative comments are leaving KGF fans worried as their suspect his statements will unnecessarily cast a negative impression on KGF 2.