SSMB_28_Movie TitleSuperstar Mahesh Babu is collaborating with Trivikram Srinivas for the third time for a film tentatively titled SSMB28. The film is touted to be the biggest film in the commercial zone. The hype around the film is good, and it is only going to escalate depends on how the team will set the tone from now.

One of India’s biggest festivals, Ramnavami, is coming up next week, and Mahesh Babu fans are demanding the makers of SSMB28 on social media to reveal the title of the film on this auspicious occasion.

Superstar fans are putting pressure on the team to reveal the title with a first look.

If the makers do decide to reveal the title with just a poster, then it might garner mixed reactions. If the title is classy, mass fans of Superstar will get disappointed. And if the title is full-on massy, then still some will criticize how they can finalize such a title for a family film. It’s better for the makers to reveal the title of the film with a video that has some eye-catching footage from the film.

The impressive visuals will take make the title penetrate better into the audience, and the pointless discussion over the title will fade away.

The film will be the first big star hero film after a huge gap which will prove to be a big advantage. The hunger to watch a star hero film on the big screen will be unprecedented because of the huge void of star hero films, and fans of all heroes, along with the neutral audience, will be excited to watch SSMB28. If the content of the film clicks in a big way, then all non-SSR records will be smashed into smithereens.