Fans Overaction About Lady SuperstarNayanthara is regarded as one of the true lady superstars in South Indian cinema. For the past few years, she has mostly been doing content driven films and picking strong characters. She is given the ‘lady superstar’ tag.

Cut to now, Nayanthara’s fans on social media are doing overaction about the lady superstar tag.

Apparently, Nayanthara’s title card in her recent direct to OTT release film, O2, didn’t have the lady superstar tag associated with it. Fans are now creating a ruckus on social media, saying “ Wer’s the ‘LadySuperstar’ title? What do you think about her? Just because she’s a woman you guys are doing this? Very unfair.”

For starters, O2 is a survival thriller that has a novel plotline. Maybe the makers felt it wouldn’t be right to use filmsy tags like lady superstar for a film with this serious tone. Moreover, Nayan would’ve seen the final copy and demanded the lady superstar tag if she deemed it necessary.

So, maybe fans should take it easy for now and stop bringing in radical equations like gender equality or in this case, gender disparity over a tag.