Vijay Deverakonda HumblenessRowdy star, Vijay Deverakonda, has been surprising with his DeveraSanta initiative for five years now. He is winning the hearts of his fans and also fulfilling their wishes through this initiative by turning ‘Santa Claus’ for his fans.

On February 17, Deverakonda kept his promise by sending 100 lucky fans on their holiday to the mountains in Manali. Many pics and videos have surfaced on social media where those lucky fans can be seen interacting with Vijay.

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In one of the videos, an admirer of Deverakonda is seen talking while putting his hands on Vijay’s shoulder. He is saying that with Kushi, Vijay Deverakonda will give it back strongly and deliver a blockbuster that will shut the mouths of his critics who started criticizing after Liger.

It is really commendable that Vijay is so humble and down-to-earth that he doesn’t mind one of his fans sitting next to him and putting his hand on his shoulders like a close friend. There are very few actors who are so friendly with their fans. Many are calling him a synonym for simplicity.

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But some of Vijay Deverakonda fans aren’t too happy with his humbleness. They are saying that a star of his stature should not let fans do this. He should maintain that aura about himself and maintain some exclusivity.

There’s an opinion that few stars are spending crores on PR to get positive publicity, but Deverakonda spending on his fans just to keep his promise he made.

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