Fans Hurt: Baahubali Sensation To RRR BhajanaRana Daggubati caught the attention of pan-India audience with the epic Baahubali duology. But his fans aren’t too pleased with his choices post that. They are expressing their discontentment on social media now.

Rana recently shared the poster of RRR, which has the film’s achievement of Rs 1000 crores gross imprinted on it.

Reacting to the same, Rana’s fan commented “Enough with promoting other films, what about your films? Even after a blockbuster like Baahubali, your choices haven’t been good enough. You don’t even have frequent theatrical releases. You have a proper commercial hero physique but you never focus on setting up commercial entertainer.”

Well, Rana did deliver a winning performance in Bheemla Nayak, which is indeed a commercial film. But his fans are demanding more of him. They are saying Rana should take his career planning seriously at least now. They are urging him to start setting up interesting combinations by working with star directors.