Mahesh-BabuYesterday, Mahesh Babu posted a series of messages praising the teamwork of ‘Uppena’ and appreciating all the key players on and off the screen. Ever since he appreciated ‘Uppena’, a fight started between Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun’s fans claiming who does that better.

When we look at the history of these appreciation threads from the superstar, anti-fans begin trolling him saying that Mahesh’s next step would be to book the director. However, it’s crystal clear that Mahesh Babu does that irrespective of small or big films and sometimes non-Indian films, even.

To be frank, it’s an open secret that a lot of lobbying goes behind this kind of tweet promotions and some small and mid-range celebrities even charge for this kind of promotions. Having said that, is it a mistake on the part of a superstar like Mahesh Babu boosting the morale of a small film’s team?

Appreciating small films and encouraging new talent is a noble thing to do because this will definitely motivate the newcomers to go about confidently. Whether it’s Mahesh Babu or Allu Arjun, appreciation is a good thing and not fighting who did that better than the other one. What do you think, folks?