Fans Far From Reality, Nagarjuna Close To LiabilityFor the past few years, Akkineni Nagarjuna is delivering not just disasters but washouts. His fans are utterly disappointed by his choice of films. They want Nag to work with established and talented directors.

According to the latest reports, Nag has okayed the script of writer Prasanna Kumar Bezawada. Prasanna will be turning director with this new film featuring Nagarjuna. In the past, he has given scripts like Nenu Local and the upcoming Dhamaka.

Fans are not happy about this choice as well. Nag has tasted utter failures in the recent past when he trusted amateur directors. They are feeling cheated that other senior heroes are doing films with big and talented directors and Nag is still stuck with newbies.

But fans should realize that Nagarjuna is no more in the top league and he has very limited choices to select the director. All big directors are occupied with younger stars who can take their films to next level.

Let’s hope Prasanna turns out to be another Ram Gopal Varma or Krishna Vamsi who were trusted by Nagarjuna when they were nothing.