Allu Arjun fans falling feetThere is some about Allu Arjun and public events. At most events of the actor, we get to see some eccentric fans and their acts and security doing very little about it. It happened with Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Pre-release event for which Allu Arjun is the Chief Guest.

There is a huge crowd for the event and surprisingly, the level of security which we expect for a star hero is not present. For every few minutes of his speech, some fan or the other appears on the stage and falls on Allu Arjun’s feet.

The bouncers and Allu Arjun’s staff come and try to grab them while the actor stops them. At one stage, Allu Arjun is seen saying if someone intentionally sends such people to fall at feet. This happens frequently during the fifteen minutes speech of the actor.

There are various opinions on social media about why such things happen. But then, it reflects Allu Arjun’s superstardom or a failure of the security. If the first is the reason, Allu Arjun is a star to watch with his next few films. There is no such chaos when the other stars attend such events.