Samantha-Pawan-kalyanSamantha is one of the most admired as well as controversial actress in Tinsel town. Her infamous tweets had invited ire of the fans of some of the top heroes of Telugu Film Industry. The most infamous one is her tweet on Mahesh Babu’s ‘1-Nenokkadine’ poster as regressive. Soon after the controversy died down, another controversy surrounded Samantha.

This time Samantha’s comments were linked to Pawan Kalyan when she said that male stars were marrying celebrities as fashion and that they have to exercise caution. Though we have forgotten these comments long back, one Samantha’s fan by name Himanshu questioned Samantha if it isn’t rude of her to comment on Pawan Kalyan’s third marriage.

Samantha coolly told him not to believe everything he reads and said that she has great respect for Pawan Kalyan, everything he does and didn’t make any such comment on him. The fan grew anxious if he had hurt Samantha and asked her forgiveness for doubting her. Going by this example can we say time makes people forget things?