Manchu Manoj action

Audience can enjoy action but certainly not over action. Manoj’s over enthusiasm has become a draw back for him. Even Manchu fans did not like his ‘extra’ ordinary performance in few scenes in Potugadu movie. He wanted to create a certain image for himself like his father Mohanbabu. But it did not work out on screen. Compared to his brother Vishnu, Manchu Manoj is surely a good actor but his ambition to prove himself boomeranged in some cases. From the first movie Donga-Dongadi onwards, he has been getting good marks for his action. He proved himself in Jhummandi Nadam, Bindas and Vedam movies. But he is yet to score a commercial hit.

Manchu family’s well wishers say Manjo will learn from his own mistakes and become a mass masala hero and his hard work is well appreciated by every one so far. Let us wish him all the best.