Fans Cry Over Mahesh Babu's TweetMahesh Babu has made it a habit to watch every mainstream big South Indian film and then of he likes it, tweet about it on social media. He has done the same with Vikram now. But Mahesh’s fans have an argument of their own as they cry over his tweet on Vikram.

“Vikram… Blockbuster Cinema!! A New-Age cult classic!! @Dir_Lokesh would love to catch up with you and discuss the entire process of Vikram! Mind-bending…Sensational stuff brother” Mahesh tweeted.

Mahesh’s fans are now commenting that “It is good that you are watching these films and heaping praise on them. But what about your film choices? We want you to do action films like Vikram. But all you serve is films with social messages.”

In fact, a few of Mahesh’s fans are now sweating over his recent meet with Bill Gates as they worry if there will be any social message or philanthropist vive to his next with Trivikram. Such is the level of frustration Mahesh’s fans have as their hero keeps doing message driven films.

Coming back to the topic, Mahesh’s fans are urging him to do films like Vikram. “ Ilanti cinemalu appreciate chesthav gani thiyyaventanna” they say.