Fans Blaming Family for Mahesh’s Poor EnergyMahesh Babu is a superstar and his fans love him unconditionally. But a majority of them have a common complaint against him and that is Mahesh does not explore in terms of his roles and stays in his comfort zone all the time.

He chooses films and characters which are easy to perform and need not modify his body language or look. This aspect has not gone well with fans and critics for a long time now as everyone is waiting to see when he will go bold.

But the latest statement that Mahesh has given in Balayya’s Unstopabbale show has made fans even more upset. When asked how his kids feel about his films, Mahesh said now that his kids are growing up, he needs to think and do films that they will also approve of.

This statement of his has not gone well with fans and they feel that when any actor brings in his family as a criterion to choose movies, he cannot come out of his comfort zone and will be stuck to his game of being safe.

Some of the ardent fans have also commented seeing this video that in the near future, Mahesh won’t choose raw and bold roles like that of Allu Arjun in Pushpa. His next film, Sarkaru Vaari Pata will also showcase Mahesh in a very simple avatar as the film is a pure commercial drama.

Mahesh has always been a reserved actor on screen but fans want his hyper side to be out. Now that Mahesh has brought his family in the way to select films, things look really difficult for the fans to have some thigh-slapping moments of Mahesh’s roles to boast of.