Ram Charan Jr NTR EmbarrassmentThe other day, NTR got embarrassed by a media personnel saying Ram Charan walked away with all accolades of the film. That is an outright disgusting question to ask any star right on his face.

It is even disgusting NTR has to face it after such monumental performance in the movie. With due respects to Ram Charan for his matured answer to that question, there is something that needs to be talked about this issue.

If there is anyone to blame for NTR‘s Embarrassment, it is a section of his fans himself. NTR has got biggest opportunities in RRR – the interval block and the Komaram Bheemudo song alone are enough for a lifetime for any hero.

A few people may tilt the scale in favor of Ram Charan because he got a big scene in the climax. But that is only an immature analysis. RRR has got a perfect blend of a multistarer.

But then how did this opinion of a few people (Ram Charan being the highlight) became mainstream? Thanks to this thoughtless section of NTR fans.

Right from the word GO, they stopped enjoying the film and stupendous Performance of NTR and started nitpicking the film and abusing Rajamouli blaming him for imaginary injustice.

When fans themselves say NTR did not get enough, it has become mainstream and became opinion. That opinion has come out from the mike of an amateur journalist and embarrassed NTR on the big stage.

Sad that NTR has to face this humiliation even after a sensational Performance and due to his fans who have contributed to that unknowingly.