Jr_NTR_Talking_To_Fan_in_HospitalTelugu heroes enjoy a godly image amongst fans. Here is one such incident related to an ardent fan of Jr NTR. A hardcore fan of NTR named Janardhan is currently in Coma and his medical condition is reportedly serious.

Reportedly, Janardhan is showing signs of bodily movement when his parents speak about NTR. After observing the same, Janardhan’s mother requested NTR to speak with the former in hope that his condition might improve.

In accordance, Jr NTR made time to speak with the family members of Janardhan, and apparently, he also spoke with Janardhan through the speaker phone. A related video has surfaced on the internet and it is going viral.

In the said video, NTR is seen speaking with Janardhan’s mother. “This is the time when we should be stronger than ever. Let’s rest our case with god and hope for the best. You should stay strong now Amma. I pray for Janardhan’s health and well-being,” NTR says to the mother through the phone.

Netizens are now commenting that it is heartwarming to see a star hero like NTR make time and interact with the family members of his ailing fan.