Family Will Never Violate Promise Made To Samantha Victory Venkatesh is a philosophical man. He often shares motivational messages on his Instagram account. But then, these messages are being misconstrued ever since the separation of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha is announced.

The other day, he shared a message about the importance of being honest in relationships. There is a section of media which links this quote to Chay Sam issue and are writing stories that Venkatesh is giving gyan to Samantha blaming her.

But then, this is totally absurd says sources close to the family. “The separation has happened on mutual terms. Not blaming each other is a pre-agreed condition. We have seen both the sides adhering to that until now. There is no way a non-controversial person like Venkatesh would do that,” the source said.

Incidentally, Venkatesh is yet to make a public statement about the Divorce. For those who is not aware Venkatesh is the uncle of Naga Chaitanya (Venkatesh’s sister is Naga Chaitanya’s mother).