There is a common notion that if one tries to do something for 41 days without break, it is likely to become a habit. But one episode short of 41, Nag’s MEK did the same thing to the telly audiences. He literally kept the audiences glued to their television sets for 40 episodes and the strike of 9 every night, it became a common sight in families, the whole family sitting before their television sets and watching one program without fighting to change channels.

Now the same family audience are cursing Nag for making them to miss the programme at the strike of nine. This Monday, those audiences had to opt for some other telly show as their pastime programme in place of MEK. Though many moved to their previous favorites programs, they feel the magic missing. The scenario changed in households. While the elders went back to daily soaps, children were seen fighting for cartoon channels and youth for non-Telugu telly shows. Nag’s MEK turned out be a silent addiction for the telly audience and that’s why it had been ranked the top in the television TRP ratings.