Falaknuma Das Vishwaksen Video -That's Where the Real Problem Is!Actor cum director Vishwaksen seems to have gone totally overboard when he used vulgar language on the audiences who didn’t like his film ‘Falaknuma Das‘. He couldn’t take the negative comments when his film actually failed to deliver.

Showing attitude is something that can be tolerated to some extent but his arrogance went to the level of calling the haters using derogatory words threatening them to beat them up, in an implicit manner. Not expected from an individual who is in the public eye.

The new age directors and makers have proved many times that they follow social media and web media quite ceremoniously to keep a tab on the pulse of the present generation audiences. But, not everybody has the sportiveness to take the negative talk when a film fails. This is where they burst out due to their ego issues.

Tharun Bhascker, who played a cop role in ‘Falaknuma Das’ was also in controversy after his last film’s release that received negative reviews from critics. Coming to Vishwak, he deleted his Twitter account after getting a lot of negative reaction after his abusive video threatening the haters came out.