Falaknuma-Das,-Can-Vijay-Deverakonda-Impact-Be-Recreated-That-EasilyEvery once in a while comes a film which recharges the minds of the current with an updated and bold take on the existing old tropes. The subject may not be new, but the treatment makes it fresh. If it contains a performance that is memorable as well, that is seen as icing on the cake.

One such trend-setting film in the past few years was Arjun Reddy which made Vijay Deverakonda an overnight sensation. Many others who came in its wake pick the wrong elements and failed. Some succeeded too, but only those elements stood out instead of the lead.

In a few days from now, we will have another attempt in the same space, Falaknuma Das. It is a remake of Malayalam cult movie Angamaly Dairies. The whole remake has been shaped up as Arjun Reddy redux in Telugu with the lead actor Vishwak Sen trying to do a Vijay Deverakonda.

The same question has been asked to the actor a few times in the lead to the release of the film, which suggests many are feeling the same. Now, whether Vishwak Sen agrees to it not, obviously he won’t, it can’t be denied that there is a similarity of a sort. It might be due to the writing or the body language, but it is there. It makes one think can the impact of Vijay Deverakonda be repeated that easily?

The answer to that would be known in a few days from now. Falaknuma Das arrives in cinemas on May 31st. A movie like that being made in Telugu cinema and it generating some buzz is good news for the Telugu film industry. But will the director cum actor, Vishwak Sen be able to create an independent mark for him? Let’s wait and watch.