Fake Titles Mahesh Murugadoss Movie Agent Shiva, Abhimanyu, Vasco Da GamaSuperstar Mahesh Babu fans are little furious these days. The reason for their fury is on the direction where the makers of the upcoming film of their favorite star is heading. As we all know Mahesh Babu is working with director AR Murugadoss.

It is with respect to the title of this film that the fans are feeling anger. With the first look of the film apparently around the corner, numerous titles are being floated all over. Fans haven’t paid attention to most of them and others have been categorically denied.

But there are a couple of titles which have stuck. These titles although not officially confirmed have been registered by the producer and that’s the problem lies. Fans have made it absolutely clear that the titles are outdated for current times. The names Agent Shiva or Abhimanyu looks like films titles from the 80’s. If any of those titles are selected fans feel that it might have negative vibrations to it. Let us see if the makers heed to the resentment of the fans or not.