Fake 'Indian 2' Poster Circulating Unofficially‘Indian 2’ is certainly one of the most awaited movies because of the combination of director Shankar with the Universal Star, Kamal Haasan. The combo was a blast back then, and Shankar is anyway a brand for delivering movies with a strong social message.

Now, a fake poster of ‘Indian 2’ featuring Kamal Haasan in Senapthi avatar is being circulated on various media. The official confirmation from Lyca Productions came out that neither the production house nor the director and the team were involved in this.

Though it’s a fake poster, that one got the social media users some food to remember that the movie is in the making and the fake one is intriguing, as well.

Fans are really waiting for updates. When the makers keep quiet for longer periods without updates, the impatient guys may resort to such posters to amuse themselves and feel that there is no harm in doing this.