Fake Calls Abusing Sampoo Herogiri

Fake Calls Abusing Sampoornesh Babu HerogiriRewriting all the qualities of a conventional hero, Sampoornesh Babu became an overnight star with ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’. He is a miracle that happened in the industry. The sad part is, Sampoo has been getting abusive calls from anonymous persons who make fun of him as a hero.

Sampoo understood that he shoud either stop responding to the abusive calls or totally stop answering anonymous calls. He never had this experience directly with the people he had worked. Manchu Manoj, Allari Naresh, Manchu Lakshmi and others treated him like friends and it was fun working with them.

These actors never cut jokes on him or threw satires on Sampoornesh aka Narasimha Chary. They always showered love on him. Only some unknown persons made anonymous calls. He doesn’t know who they are and he never asked their names.

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