The film ‘NH4’ which stars young actors Siddharth and Ashrita Shetty in the lead failed to garner any success on its released. The film is based on the story of Rikshita portrayed by Ashritha Shetty, the daughter of rich Karnataka minister who falls in love with Prabhu (played by Siddharth), a Telugu guy who moves to Bangalore for his studies. To avoid humiliations, Rikshitha’s father hires a guy, Manoj Menon (performed by Kay Kay Menon) to bring back his daughter to him. The rest of the story follows from here.

Directed by debutant director Manimaran, the film turned out to be below-average for our audiences’ expectations. The major turn-offs about the movie included Siddharth’s acting which fell flat. The presence of a clichéd plot and the lack of a new storyline were also against the favor of the film. Furthermore, the lead actor’s lack of emotions made the film seem all the more dragged out. Overall, the film turned out to be a pretty average film.