Fadeout Heroine's Fresh Affair With Young Hero!Affairs are prevalent in the film industry. At the same time, an actor or an actress using the other one for monetary gains and materialistic possessions are also very common. Here’s a scoop that involves both these topics.

There’s this recognizable actress who did manage to catch the attention of the audience. But she never tasted significant success in her career.

She had no inhibitions when it comes to skin show and glamour roles right from the start of her career. She also has the habit of having affairs with the heroes of the films that she works on.

Cut to now, she is working on a film with a young hero. This film is insignificant and not many people are talking about it. She is pairing with a young hero in the film.

The young hero is madly crazy about the actress and she is using him to the fullest. She is making him buy multiple gifts and costly items with personal interest. The hero comes from a rich family and he is using his deep pockets to woo her.

The actress is seeing this as a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship and she is using the hero for her gains. But the hero on the other hand is deeply in love with her and intends to even marry her. He is seeing it as love and she is seeing it as an opportunity to gain costly gifts.

The value of the gifts the hero has given the actress far exceeds her actual remuneration for the film. Everyone on sets of their film is wondering how this relationship will progress and whether or not the hero will learn he is being used before it’s too late, if it isn’t already.