Faced Many Mental Issues In My Life: SamanthaSamantha is the Chief Guest for the launch of the ‘Psychiatry at your doorstep’ initiative of Roshini Trust and Datla Foundation. The actress who is in the spotlight for the issues in her personal life made some interesting comments about how she underwent several mental issues.

“I faced many mental issues in my life. I overcame them with the help of counselors and friends. Like how we go to a doctor for physical injuries, we also should consult doctors if our heart gets hurt. There should be no inhibitions about it,” Samantha said.

“If I am successful for the next part of my life, it is not because I was strong. But it is because many people around me helped me to be strong. A lot of people are spending a lot of time and effort to help. It’s time for all of us to do our bit as well,” the actress added.

It is commendable that Samantha has no inhibitions to take about what she underwent and is trying to create awareness in the people about mental health.